Gallery 4
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Norman Jamieson

Norman seen here as a young man at the start of his career at sea. He was born in the Shetland Islands, but like many others has roamed the globe in many types of ship. He was boatswain with us on the Oil Mariner when we went back to South Georgia during the mooring season. His hobby was making ships in bottles and he made one for my wife Joan, appropriately named Joan. He also made a model whale catcher in a bottle which was donated to, and can still be seen in the museum at Grytviken.

Working up the mast on one of the South Georgia whale catchers, one seen at sea with ice in the background. The next page shows Norman with Leith Harbour in the background and three hardy looking whaling men that he knew. Some of his black and white photographs include the Church at Grytviken, factory ships and whale catchers one with a harpooned whale nearly alongside. There are also pictures of a few of his workmates from the whaling days and a photograph of the Cemetery at Leith Harbour.