Gallery 8
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John Johnston McKay 1936 to 2002

John McKay as a young man going to sea.

The McKay family in Edinburgh 1977.

Standing Back Row - John, Norman, Alan and Tom.

Standing Centre Row - Stewart, Catherine, Alistair and Gordon.

Seated in Front - Mum, Cathy and Dad, Willie.

John's son Willie has kindly allowed me to use some of his father's photographs to illustrate aspects of life for whalers that are not often seen.

The Whale's Tooth.

When he was a little boy, Willie had asked his father about the whale's tooth and how he got it. John had replied that he had wrestled a whale and pulled the tooth out with his bare hands!

All little boys believe what their fathers tell them, and Willie thought that his dad was some kind of superman till he was old enough to know better. John must have had a great sense of humour.

Thanks to Willie for the story. It did make me smile.

To start with there are a few of John's documents from 1953 to 1960.

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