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Leith Harbour

The largest of the whaling stations, Leith Harbour is sited near the mouth of Stromness bay and from the old gun emplacement on the hill behind the station you are greeted with one of the most beautiful views in South Georgia. There is also a gun emplacement at Hansen Point with the original 4.1" gun still in position. In the picture above, to the left, the factory buildings sit in front of the flensing plan. The grey buildings to the left of centre contain the boiler house and the power station, while on the right of centre to the edge of the picture are the workshops and blacksmith's shops. To the back can be seen the roofs of some of the accommodation blocks. At the opposite end of Leith Harbour, the Cemetery lies close to the reservoir and dam, while in the centre of Leith Harbour is the Portuguese graveyard. Most of the stores still contain spares and raw materials, which at the time must have been expensive commodities to leave behind. While working on the mooring, we are visited by HMS Northumberland. There was a decent library at Leith Harbour and a hospital.