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This page contains links to associated web sites and other favourite pages. If you would like a link to your own, or another URL, send an e-mail by clicking on the button below the text.

My other home page - Falkland Island pictures, South Georgia pictures, and a brief history of the Clan McLaren. There are also some excellent photographs of HMS Endurance and the Antarctic from Barry Scott's collection.

A very concise history of South Georgia - Paul Carroll's Home Pages. This site is the best and most informative that I have come across for the South Georgia and Sub Antarctic islands. There is an excellent map of South Georgia available for downloading in Adobe PDF format.

Southern Hemisphere Railways - Martin Coombs' narrow-gauge railway site, encompassing Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego, the Falklands Islands Camber Railway and the whaling stations of South Georgia.

Whaling Stations on S. Georgia - Phil Abbey's site with details of the whaling stations, their operating status and dates of operation, the companies holding the licenses and a complete list of the Magistrates who oversaw the operations

Your Portal to the Overseas Territories - André Philipsz provides the premiere site for links to all the British Overseas Territories. There are few  sites that provide links and resources to all the Overseas Territories at one site!

Captain James Cook History - Malcolm has provided an in depth history of the man and his travels very nicely illustrated.  Also see the beautiful scenery of Yorkshire (James Cook's birthplace), or take a trip down memory lane with the ABBA pages by following the links.

Jonsworld - Jonathan Ainge invites you to pay a visit to the South Atlantic Islands of South Georgia and the Falkland Islands and see some of the wildlife, birdlife and scenery. With some super photographs.

Sandefjord Whaling Museum - Information on opening times of the Commander Chr. Christensen Whaling Museum, N-3200 Sandefjord. tel + (47) 33 63 251.

A South Georgia Wedding - Gawain and Deborah O'Connor's wedding page, marriage licence (civil) number 1. An unusual wedding in South Georgia with Tim and Pauline Carr as witnesses.