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An Early Photograph Album

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The whaling station of Grytviken with the Church to the bottom right and the re-supply ship "Tijuca" alongside the stores jetty (centre). The photograph is taken later than 1913, (the year the church was dedicated) and before the "Louise" was beached in the late 1920s. Tim and Pauline Carr have dated the photographs in the album to possibly 1926, and I am indebted to them for pointing out a few pictures that had been marked incorrectly.

The album was found by Larry Linn among some household items that were donated to The People of Progress, (a non-profit organization). Melinda Brown, Executive Director,  kindly sent me a CD of the images contained in the album and the original album is now in the South Georgia Museum for safekeeping.

The album would appear to have belonged to a crewman on the sailing ship "Tijuca" which carried supplies to the island and gives another view of the whaling community at the turn of the century. I have seen very little of the re-supply side of the industry and these photographs must be a very rare find. The pictures are left in their original order, as found in the album.

For a detailed and in depth (illustrated) account of of the founding whaling company, Ian B Hart's book "PESCA - A history of the Pioneer Whaling Company in the Antarctic" is recommended. Published by Aidan Ellis Publishing, Salcome, Devon.

The following galleries have around four images per page. Clicking on an image will show a larger view. Most of the larger views can be expanded to show a full size detail view by clicking on the image in question.

Page 1 has views of the Governor's House, the wreck of the whaler "Fortuna" and two shots of the "Tijuca". 
Page 2
has four pictures of the "Tijuca" - at sea and loading cargo in port. 
Page 3
has two images of "Tijuca" at sea and two pictures of whales brought in to Grytviken.
Page 4 has four images of whale catchers, one with a large catch alongside. 
Page 5
has four pictures of whales on the flensing plan at Stromness. 
Page 6
has images of a whale on the flensing plan, a rather large iceberg, a catch afloat and some Cape Doves. 
Page 7
has photographs of the flensing plan at Grytviken, the "Tijuca" at anchor and a bull elephant seal. 
Page 8
has pictures of sealers and seals. 
Page 9
would appear to be some of the ship's crew and two pictures of sealers.

Thankfully the album was recognized as significant or another small piece of history may have been lost for ever!