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This Web Site contains images of South Georgia, the whaling stations of Grytviken, Leith Harbour and Stromness. The wildlife found there such as Elephant Seals, Fur Seals, Penguins and Reindeer. HMS Endurance and re-supply ship Tijuca are also featured.

After eleven years working in the South Atlantic between the Falkland Islands and South Georgia I felt it was about time that some of the video images that I had taken should be displayed instead of gathering dust. When Oil Mariner lost the contract for the mooring work round the Falkland Islands and South Georgia, I thought that this was finally the last chapter in the story, but this was not to be the case, as my job took me next to Norway and a new chapter unfolded. 

The "Oil Mariner" has been labeled "The Black Pig" on other web sites, but this is totally erroneous.

The Black Pig was a vessel named Yehuin and was an old supply boat used as an oil tender by the Argentine navy. The vessel was left in Stanley Harbour after the Argentine surrender in 1982. She became known locally as "The Black Pig" because of her unusual paint scheme. She was owned locally for a brief period and if my memory serves me right, was renamed "Scotia Enterprise". After being sold to a Spanish company she was renamed "Audax II". When she berthed in Buenos Aires, she was seized as part of the country's naval heritage.

This is a private home page and has no official connection to South Georgia, apart from my love of the place, and the Domain being appropriately registered in South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.

Click the picture for the full size image and crew list.

All images in these pages are of the landscape of South Georgia, the whaling stations and wildlife around Stromness Bay and the Cumberland East Bay areas. This includes stills from video, black and white photographs from the 1950s and old images in a photograph album from the early 1900s which would appear to be taken by a crewman from the stores ship "Tijuca". 

There are also images and information on whaling from the Whaling Museum at Sandefjord in Norway.

 The following extract is taken from a leaflet produced by the Commissioner, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands and is reproduced to bring the pages into proper context:

"Few people would now support whaling as it was carried out over the sixty years of Grytviken's history, but we should recall that attitudes were very different a generation ago and whaling was a highly respectable profession for many Norwegians.  Through the development of its whaling industry, Norway became one of the world's leading industrialised nations, with special skills in shipbuilding and oil technology.  Whaling is an example of human folly but Grytviken is also an example of human endeavour that built a heavy industry in a desolate corner of the world, 10,000 miles from home."

These pages are not intended as a complete history of the islands of South Georgia - others have done this far better than I could. Links are therefore provided to a more concise history of the islands, the geography, wild life and more difficult to find information. The site is personal and not meant to be in any way political.


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