South Georgia
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Stromness Harbour was initially a whaling station and had operated as such from 1912 till it was converted into a repair and maintenance facility in 1931.

Seen from the sea, Stromness Harbour sits in one of the most beautiful locations at the end of Stromness bay. The small white building to the left is the Manager's house and the large building next to it behind the bunkering berth is the plate shop, fabrication area and store, and behind that, the "safe house". All along the seafront are the workshops of the Blacksmiths, plumbers, coppersmiths, turners, electricians etc., and their stores. The electrical and mechanical store is at the foot of the jetty. The mess halls are in the middle of the complex and to the right, the large machine shops, power plant and specialist stores. There are even "new", boxed radar sets waiting to be fitted. The weather and vandalism has taken it's toll however. At the back, you can just see the storage tank area and the accommodation blocks. Out of shot to the right of the picture there is a valley, and stream that continually runs with melt water from the glacier and is a favourite spot for the wild life.

Seen from the main jetty, the manager's house is off to the left of centre and the plate shop is in the middle. The roof has almost lost half of it's corrugated iron covering.

A view further to the right with some of the small workshops and storage bays. The steel plate on the jetty is a recent addition to prevent people falling through the rotting timbers.

A slideshow with views of a few of the workshops, accommodation blocks, mess hall, storage tanks, and melt water from the glacier.

The “Krillton” is the safe house where anyone marooned on the island can have a safe haven from the elements.

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