South Georgia
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Barry Scott

Barry Scott pictured on his Ski-Doo, over thirty five years ago.

Some of H.M.S. Endurance's complement. Barry is second from the right in the back row.

H.M.S. Endurance deep in "The Ice".

Another shot of Endurance taken from the helicopter.

A lovely shot of Endurance dwarfed by ice and rock.

Endurance’s helicopter lands on ice in the Antarctic.

Returning to the ship after dropping two men off on the glacier.

The helicopter prepares to land on the ice.

A beautifully stark picture of the rocks rising out of the sea, with a wisp of cloud.

A beautiful shot of a Leopard Seal, (Hydruga leptonyx) resting on an ice floe.

With the sky almost black it is hard to believe that this a natural photograph, but it is.

There are not many people who can claim to have seen sights like these here.

With only the most basic of colours the view could not be more beautiful.

Another almost surreal image from the Antarctic.

A lovely, almost ethereal scene in the deep South.

All from Barry Scott's photograph collection / Royal Navy photographs.

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