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W Howieson

The photographs on these pages are in the albums that belonged to my late Uncle Bill (William Howieson).  Bill worked mainly on the floating docks at Stromness and Leith Harbour.  He was also a crane driver, and helped out in the station gang.

As a young boy I was enthralled to see the images of elephant seals, the ships, repair yard at Stromness, and the Leith Harbour whaling station.  I didn’t know at the time that some 30 years later I would be walking along the same streets in the whaling stations as he did, but in quite different circumstances.

The images are reproduced here by kind permission of my cousin Moira.

Bill at the cemetery in Leith Harbour.

The last resting place of James Westwood, a young man who died during an appendix operation.

Bill with workmates Anton and Allan at the quarry.

Rab Milligan

Taking the sun at the Kino.

A few of Bill’s wildlife pictures.

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