South Georgia
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Grytviken 3

Moss, grass and areas where there is no sheathing left on the plan. To the right is a riggers store, just up from the Blubber Cookery. In the centre is the Separator House which has burned down. The separators can still be seen, but the best preserved examples can be found at Leith Harbour.

Grass growing through the wooden deck sheathing on the plan. The ramps were for dragging the various parts of the whales to the respective processing areas. The rusty steel ramp on the left goes to the Meat Cookery and the ones at the top of the picture lead to the Bone Cookery. Very little was left to waste in the later years of the whaling industry.

A perfectly serviceable looking stamping machine in the Blacksmith's Shop.

One of the Engineering Workshops. Some of the lathes have been removed, but by the window, a line of lathes stand as if ready for work.

In the pattern maker’s loft there are shelves full of wooden patterns for pipe and machinery fittings, just waiting to be used to cast new components.

It seemed that every piece of machinery had a pattern in the store. This one appears to be a large end cover for a sea water cooler. The whaling stations had had a very high degree of self sufficiency.

On the hill behind Grytviken lies the only evidence of the conflict of 1982. This Puma Helicopter belonging to Argentinean Forces was brought down by British Forces garrisoned at King Edward Point.

The wreckage cannot be seen from the sea, or the shore, and largely remains undisturbed.

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