South Georgia
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These are not my personal photo galleries, but have been kindly provided for use on this web site.

J McKay N Jamieson

Norman Jamieson’s photographs taken in the 1950s. He was born in the Shetland Islands, but like many others has roamed the globe in many types of ship. He was Boatswain with us on the Oil Mariner when we went back to South Georgia during the mooring season. His hobby was making ships in bottles and he made one for my wife Joan, appropriately named Joan. He also made a model whale catcher in a bottle which was donated to, and can still be seen in the museum at Grytviken.


Pictures of the supply ship Tijuca from an album found by Larry Linn among some household items that were donated to The People of Progress, (a non-profit organization). Melinda Brown, Executive Director,  kindly sent me a CD of the images contained in the album and the original album is now in the South Georgia Museum for safekeeping.

The album would appear to have belonged to a crewman on the sailing ship "Tijuca" which carried supplies to the island and gives another view of the whaling community at the turn of the century. I have seen very little of the re-supply side of the industry and these photographs must be a very rare find. The pictures are left in their original order, as found in the album.

W Howieson

Photographs from my uncle Bill Howieson's albums.

I remember seeing these pictures in my uncle Bill’s photograph albums when I was a boy.  I didn’t know at the time that some 30 years later I would be walking along the same streets in the whaling stations as he did, but in quite different circumstances.

Pictures from the collection of the late John Johnston McKay of Edinburgh.

John's son Willie kindly allowed me to copy his fathers photographs and documents to illustrate what it was like for a young man working on a factory ship.  In this case the Southern Harvester.

There are pictures of a visit to Southern Harvester by HRH Prince Philip on New year's Eve 1956 and the Royal Yacht Britannia.  There are images of John's friends and workmates, ships, wildlife, and Leith Harbour.

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Barry Scott

Photographs from Barry Scott’s personal collection when he was serving in HMS Endurance.

There are images of Endurance deep in “The Ice”, views of the ships helicopter working, and superb views of the icy seascapes.

Barry’s own images and Royal Navy images.

Kevin 1982

South Georgia 1982

These personal photographs taken by Kevin Galsworthy, a Royal Navy diver, clearly show that there has not been a lot of change in the Grytviken and Stromness areas from 1982 to when I visited.

J Kilroy

The following photographs were taken by John Kilroy who was in South Georgia from November 1971 to March 1973 with the British Antarctic Survey. (BAS)

There are a varied selection of images from shots of an albatross and a fur seal at King Edward Point, to a view of the floating dock from the mountains and one from the jetty at Grytviken.  A group photograph and a picture in the lounge, two images of Shackleton's cross and two images of ships that call in to the island on a regular basis.  Two photographs taken from the helicopter, a bleak shot of the barff and seals, and a view of Ocean Harbour.